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International Cities
by Tipolis

Tipolis creates new models of urban living through innovation in governance, leading to greater opportunity, choice, and freedom.

What Are International Cities?

International Cities are privately run communities, based on clear contracts, which provide, enable and facilitate opportunity and choice. International Cities will be established at multiple locations around the world, sharing common values and distinct characteristics, yet thriving in harmony and synergy with their local environment and culture.

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Why Are International
Cities Better?

International Cities have the potential to revolutionize urban governance. They promise to offer an exceptional level of freedom and opportunity to create and innovate. This is because the City Operator in an International City has strong incentives to provide excellent services and regulatory environment – it stays in business only if the city is thriving and its residents are happy. This is also because all residents have clearly defined, enforceable rights, based on a contractual relationship with the City Operator.

How Are International Cities Governed?

International Cities build on the concept of Special Administrative Regions (SARs) and are the next evolution of Special Economic Zones (SEZs).

They enjoy the right to govern their own internal affairs, such as administration, security, dispute resolution, and economic and social affairs, based on a contractual arrangement with the host country of the International City. While the International Cities will therefore benefit from a high degree of internal autonomy, they remain part of their host country, e.g., in terms of the constitutional framework, international relations, defence, and any other matters that are not delegated to the International City by the host country.

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Who Are International Cities For?

International Cities are for everyone who aims for a life of opportunity, choice and freedom – in a safe and pleasant environment, with clearly defined rights and responsibilities. International Cities do not discriminate by origin, gender, religion, race, etc. – they are open, welcoming places that embrace diversity, appealing to a wide range of people and social groups.

International Cities will be thriving hubs of business and innovation, they will be societal hotspots – but also beacons of feeling home and relaxed, in safe, serene, beautiful environments.

The versatility of the concept enables individual International Cities to shape their own character and personality, appealing to specific target groups, while protecting common defining characteristics.

Our Cities

Tipolis is in the process of negotiations with several governments around the world to establish the first projects in its upcoming network of International Cities.

About Us

Who We Are

Tipolis Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-based company committed to becoming the creator, owner and operator of a global portfolio of International Cities characterized by a high degree of autonomy.

The Tipolis team includes experts who have been involved in some of the foremost success stories of value and wealth creation in recent history, such as the world-renowned special zone of Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

Our core team is currently operating in and out of 8 countries globally. To succeed, we attract top talent from around the world to our team and operate with a strong emphasis on innovation and responsibility.

Meet Our Management Team

Dr. Titus Gebel

Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Dr. Andreas Baumgartner

Deputy Chief Executive Officer


Alexander Voss

Chief Financial Officer


Ekhard Seeßelberg

Chief Technology Officer


Marthinus Grobler

Chief Architect


Advisory Council

The Tipolis Advisory Council consists of high-ranking experts and practitioners whose skills, experience and reach complements and enhances Tipolis' core team.

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